Trapped dog rescued from garden shed ordeal

Leading Firefighter Alan Wilson, left, pictured with Firefighters Ian Gunstone, Matthew Round, Robin Goodlad holding Freddie, and John Robinson.|Firefighter Ian Gunstone shows the area where Freddie had become trapped by the solid iron bar|Leading Firefighter Alan Wilson talks to Central News about the dog rescue|

A Terrier has been rescued by Firefighters after spending four nights trapped beneath a neighbour's garden shed in Pulley Lane, Shrewsbury.

Freddie, an 18 month old Border Terrier, went missing last Friday whilst out walking in Bayston Hill with owners Martin and Andrea Parrish. They become concerned when he did not return with their other dog, Pikey and continued frantically searching for him throughout the weekend.

The family's hope of finding Freddie was finally restored yesterday when their neighbour in Lower Pulley Lane heard noises coming from beneath his shed. He notified the couple straight away and they called the fire service to help release their pet.

After removing a pile of logs, Firefighters used cutting equipment to remove floorboards before finally releasing Freddie.

Leading Firefighter Alan Wilson said, "Freddie had dug a hole at the back of the shed and then continued to dig for another 5 or 6 feet before encountering a solid iron bar. This meant he was firmly stuck underneath the shed and was unable to back out of the hole because he had filled the space behind him with dirt.

Our major concern was that once we had cleared the logs and removed one of the floorboards we could only see Freddie's head, and therefore did not know where his body was located. Once we cut a few more of the floorboards we managed to release and remove him easily."

The couple took Freddie to the vets where they were told he was very lucky to survive his ordeal in recent weather conditions.

Freddie - who is suffering from toxic shock and dehydration - was back at home today where Red Watch Shrewsbury paid him another visit, this time to check on his recovery.

28th November, 2006