Arson Prevention

Please note: This safety advice is offered as guidance only. If in doubt, Get out, Stay out and get the Fire and Rescue Service out!

The deliberate setting of fires can be a threat to life and property

Protect your property from arson

  • Immobilise "wheelie" type bins at least 6m away from your building. Securing them on a fixed structure or in a compound may be the answer for you
  • Store rubbish awaiting collection in a secure compound away from your property
  • Make sure you don't allow waste materials to build up inside your property
  • Hazards such as flammable liquids should be stored appropriately
  • Keep combustible materials away from boundaries where matches or cigarettes can be thrown into them
  • Make sure doors, windows, gates, walls and fences are effectively secured especially when premises are closed at night or at the week-end.

General good housekeeping tips

  • Keep escape routes clear from rubbish and rubbish containers
  • Prohibit or restrict smoking to designated areas
  • If smoking is allowed provide suitable containers for smoker's waste materials
  • Make sure there are adequate means for fighting fire in storage areas
  • Check storage and waste collection areas periodically
  • Make sure any waste burning on site is carefully controlled and supervised
  • Prohibit or restrict access to storage areas
  • Keep matches, lighters and flammable fuels locked away when no-one is in the building
  • Consider installing security lighting and/or intruder alarms
  • Make sure waste materials or vehicles do not block fire escape doors on the inside and outside of the building
  • Keep machinery well maintained and free from a build up of grease
  • Keep kitchen areas and equipment well maintained and free from grease
  • Make sure everyone who uses or visits your property knows what to do if they discover a fire

Make sure that everyone knows what action to take if there is a fire at your premises

Crimestoppers logo

If you have any information about someone deliberately starting fires call
Crimestoppers Arson Alert on
0800 555 111

Shropshire Fire & Rescue Fire Crime Officer Derek Taylor  01743 260252