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Call 999 if you are reporting a crime that is in progress or if someone is in immediate danger.

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Subject of Request
Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Finance and corporate governance
Title Released Received Responded
Energy Yes 26th June, 2018 9th July, 2018
GDPR Yes 15th May, 2018 13th June, 2018
Contract Yes 17th May, 2018 8th June, 2018
Media Subscriptions Yes 12th December, 2017 12th January, 2018


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Staffing and Employment
Title Released Received Responded
Training Upper & Middle Management Yes 11th April, 2020 5th May, 2020
Headcount Yes 9th April, 2020 23rd April, 2020
995 Yes 20th February, 2020 26th February, 2020
992 Yes 10th February, 2020 5th March, 2020
Stations & Staff Yes 16th January, 2020 13th February, 2020
Maternity Leave Yes 16th January, 2020 4th February, 2020
Gifts & Hospitality Yes 10th January, 2020 30th January, 2020
DPIA & Information Governance Yes 7th January, 2020 30th January, 2020
Blue Badge Scheme (Not held) 6th January, 2020 9th January, 2020
SIRO & Information Governance Yes 3rd January, 2020 28th January, 2020


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Assets
Title Released Received Responded
Fire Fighting Foam Yes 21st June, 2019 15th July, 2019
appliance livery Yes 3rd June, 2019 4th June, 2019
Authority Vehicles Yes 1st May, 2019 30th May, 2019
Commercial Gas Appliances Yes 15th April, 2019 16th May, 2019
Equipment Yes 24th January, 2019 7th February, 2019
Tweedlae Fire Station Yes 21st November, 2018 28th November, 2018
Energy Yes 16th November, 2018 16th November, 2018
Access Cards Yes 30th October, 2018 2nd November, 2018
Fleet List Yes 3rd October, 2018 17th October, 2018
Vehicle Disposal Yes 19th August, 2018 21st August, 2018


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Fire Safety
Title Released Received Responded
Smoke Alarms Yes 12th March, 2018 20th March, 2018
Dangers in the home - statistics Yes 1st February, 2018 2nd January, 2018


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Incident and Emergency Response
Title Released Received Responded
Fireworks Yes 28th September, 2020 21st October, 2020
Covid19 Yes 13th September, 2020 5th October, 2020
Incident and Mobilisation Datasets Yes 25th August, 2020 18th September, 2020
High Rise Yes 18th August, 2020 14th September, 2020
Balcony Fires Yes 14th August, 2020 10th September, 2020
Farm Fire Call Outs Yes 13th August, 2020 11th September, 2020
White Goods Yes 4th August, 2020 21st August, 2020
School Fires Yes 10th July, 2020 10th August, 2020
Incident Query Yes 30th June, 2020 6th July, 2020
Call outs - All stations Yes 13th May, 2020 8th June, 2020


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for IT
Title Released Received Responded
Social Media Yes 25th February, 2019 18th March, 2019
Wifi Yes 30th January, 2019 19th February, 2019
GDPR (Not held) 24th October, 2018 20th November, 2018
3rd Party Hosting Yes 1st November, 2018 27th November, 2018
IT Software Yes 17th October, 2018 19th October, 2018
IT systems and Telecoms Yes 1st October, 2018 3rd October, 2018
IT Software Yes 21st September, 2018 25th September, 2018
ICT Data Request Yes 23rd August, 2018 24th September, 2018
Telecoms Yes 14th August, 2018 7th September, 2018
Cloud - IT Yes 2nd August, 2018 23rd August, 2018


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