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Subject of Request
Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Finance and corporate governance
Title Released Received Responded
£500+ Transactions Yes 29th November, 2019 3rd December, 2019
Pay Scales Yes 19th August, 2019 12th September, 2019
Fire Trading Company Yes 8th August, 2019 22nd August, 2019
Procurement Yes 4th June, 2019 5th June, 2019
NDA's Partial 13th May, 2019 11th June, 2019
expenditure over £500 Yes 1st June, 2019 3rd June, 2019
budgets & headcount Yes 30th May, 2019 6th June, 2019
Pensions Yes 8th May, 2019 23rd May, 2019
PR Spending Yes 7th May, 2019 9th May, 2019


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Staffing and Employment
Title Released Received Responded
Recruitment and Promotion Yes 30th April, 2021 25th May, 2021
Disciplinary Hearing Partial 13th April, 2021 4th May, 2021
Headcount Yes 1st April, 2021 29th April, 2021
Whistleblowers Yes 17th March, 2021 14th April, 2021
Employment Tribunal Claims Yes 15th March, 2021 8th April, 2021
Racism Complaints Yes 12th February, 2021 25th February, 2021
Drug and Alcohol Testing Yes 11th February, 2021 4th March, 2021
Learning and Development Systems Yes 5th January, 2021 19th January, 2021
Covid Yes 1st January, 2021 19th January, 2021
Oswestry Watches - Rank/Role Yes 26th December, 2021 22nd February, 2021


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Assets
Title Released Received Responded
List of all Fire Stations Yes 9th September, 2021 14th September, 2021
Station Floor Plans No 7th July, 2021 22nd July, 2021
Vehicle Types and Locations Partial 7th July, 2021 9th July, 2021
Foam Components Yes 7th July, 2021 29th July, 2021
Facilities Management Yes 29th April, 2021 25th May, 2021
AFS vehicles (Not held) 9th March, 2021 25th March, 2021
Mobile Phone Contracts Yes 4th March, 2021 30th March, 2021
Repairs and Maintenance Services (Not held) 30th December, 2020 3rd November, 2020
Fleet and Employees Yes 16th October, 2020 2nd November, 2020
Fleet List and Officer Cars Yes 5th September, 2020 23rd September, 2020


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Fire Safety
Title Released Received Responded
Fire Safety Audits Yes 12th May, 2020 8th June, 2020
994 Yes 18th February, 2020 19th February, 2020
991 Yes 6th February, 2020 7th February, 2020
Fire Setters Yes 16th December, 2019 24th December, 2019
Enforcement actions and prosecutions Yes 21st October, 2019 4th November, 2019
Evacuation in HRRBs Yes 9th October, 2019 5th November, 2019
Electric Blanket Fires Yes 9th October, 2019 4th November, 2019
Fire Safety in Care Homes Yes 23rd August, 2019 20th September, 2019


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Incident and Emergency Response
Title Released Received Responded
Hoarding Yes 17th February, 2022 17th March, 2022
Heritage Building Fires Yes 8th February, 2022 7th March, 2022
Emergency Calls by Students Yes 7th February, 2022 1st March, 2022
E-Scooter Fires Yes 11th January, 2022 3rd February, 2022
Harper Adams University (Not held) 6th January, 2022 31st January, 2022
Incidents attended in 2021 Yes 5th January, 2022 1st February, 2022
Incident and emergency response Yes 23rd November, 2021 30th November, 2021
Incidents in Schools Yes 19th November, 2021 14th December, 2021
Fires involving buildings under construction Yes 19th October, 2021 12th November, 2021
Balcony Fires Yes 12th September, 2021 6th October, 2021


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for IT
Title Released Received Responded
Person responsible for IT Yes 9th December, 2020 10th December, 2020
ICT Strategy Yes 12th November, 2020 10th December, 2020
ERP Yes 29th September, 2020 22nd October, 2020
Firewall, anti-virus & Enterprise Agreement Yes 15th September, 2020 7th October, 2020
Intranet, Number of Employees Yes 14th July, 2020 5th August, 2020
Pager call out system Yes 25th May, 2020 23rd June, 2020
Mobile Phones Contract Yes 28th April, 2020 26th May, 2020
IT - Hardware / Software Yes 22nd April, 2020 19th May, 2020
Office 365 Yes 11th March, 2020 25th March, 2020
Printers / Printing Yes 21st January, 2020 24th January, 2020


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