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Subject of Request
Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Finance and corporate governance
Title Released Received Responded
ERP, CRM, Payroll Yes 27th August, 2021 7th September, 2021
Grants Yes 23rd August, 2021 2nd September, 2021
Insurance Partial 10th August, 2021 8th September, 2021
Tax relief for emergency services workers Yes 30th July, 2021 4th August, 2021
Trade Union Subscriptions Yes 22nd January, 2021 15th February, 2021
Expenditure over £500 Yes 4th November, 2020 10th November, 2020


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Staffing and Employment
Title Released Received Responded
Number of vacancies Yes 25th January, 2023 31st January, 2023
Secondary employment Yes 1st February, 2023 27th February, 2023
AFSA Yes 9th December, 2022 21st December, 2022
Racism Complaints Yes 29th November, 2022 1st December, 2022
Senior ICT staff Yes 8th November, 2022 9th November, 2022
Bronchial challenge tests Yes 29th September, 2022 12th October, 2022
mental health sickness Yes 23rd September, 2022 12th October, 2022
Retirement and establishment Yes 25th July, 2022 16th August, 2022
Sexism , sexual harassment, racism Yes 22nd July, 2022 25th July, 2022
CFO Salary Yes 7th July, 2022 13th July, 2022


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Assets
Title Released Received Responded
Drones Yes 19th January, 2022 20th January, 2022
Fleet List Yes 9th December, 2021 21st December, 2021
Facilities Management Yes 2nd December, 2021 21st December, 2021
Mercedes Benz Fleet Yes 17th November, 2021 30th November, 2021
Defibrillator locations Yes 11th November, 2021 30th November, 2021
Station locations Yes 26th October, 2021 2nd November, 2021
Facilities Management Yes 17th September, 2021 6th October, 2021
List of all Fire Stations Yes 9th September, 2021 14th September, 2021
Station Floor Plans No 7th July, 2021 22nd July, 2021
Vehicle Types and Locations Partial 7th July, 2021 9th July, 2021


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Fire Safety
Title Released Received Responded
Waking Watches Yes 16th November, 2020 23rd November, 2020
Shirehall, Shrewsbury Partial 12th October, 2020 9th November, 2020
Grenfell Yes 23rd June, 2020 17th July, 2020
Fire Safety Audits Yes 12th May, 2020 8th June, 2020


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Incident and Emergency Response
Title Released Received Responded
Recycling centres, scrapyards, landfills, other waste management facilities Yes 14th December, 2022 10th January, 2023
e-bikes and e-scooters Yes 8th February, 2023 13th February, 2023
Animals in Distress Yes 3rd December, 2022 7th December, 2022
Air Fryers Yes 29th November, 2022 29th December, 2022
E-bikes Yes 16th November, 2022 8th December, 2022
ethod for handling Fires & Overheating in Commercial/Industrial Lithium-Ion Batteries Yes 20th October, 2022 24th October, 2022
disposable BBQs, cigarette litter, broken/discarded glass bottles and sky lanterns Yes 20th September, 2022 14th October, 2022
E-Scooter Fires Fatalities/casualties Yes 15th September, 2022 10th October, 2022
Injuries on Bonfire Night Yes 15th September, 2022 10th October, 2022
Outdoor fires Yes 15th September, 2022 10th October, 2022


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for IT
Title Released Received Responded
Estate Infrastructure Yes 9th August, 2021 1st September, 2021
ERP, CRM, Payroll Yes 2nd July, 2021 29th July, 2021
Ring Amazon Camera System Yes 1st July, 2021 8th July, 2021
Windows 7 & XP Yes 8th June, 2021 16th June, 2021
ICT Systems Yes 30th April, 2021 27th May, 2021
Hosting Yes 12th April, 2021 4th May, 2021
IT Department and Suppliers Yes 9th April, 2021 6th May, 2021
Person responsible for IT Yes 9th December, 2020 10th December, 2020
ICT Strategy Yes 12th November, 2020 10th December, 2020
ERP Yes 29th September, 2020 22nd October, 2020


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