Our Promises / Customer Care Standards

When you do contact us we aim to achieve the following standards:

Telephone Enquiries (Non emergency)

  • Telephone calls will be answered in a courteous and professional manner
  • Our location and name will be given on answering the call
  • If a call has to be transferred we will endeavour to connect you to the correct person or take a message if the contact is not available
  • We will not intentionally ignore a ringing telephone

Communication by letter or email

When you have written to us we will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of your correspondence by telephone wherever possible and send a written reply within 10 working days
  • Let you know why and when you can expect a full reply, if we are not able to reply within the 10 working days

When we write to you we will:

  • State what is being done
  • Give name and contact details of person dealing with the issue
  • Give a timescale for any intended actions

Face to face communications

All visitors will be:

  • Greeted in a courteous and friendly manner
  • Directed to the most appropriate person to assist them with their enquiry where possible or given the information required; or
  • given an explanation of why information they have requested is not available at the time of their visit

Internal Communications

As an extension to Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service's policy statement on Equality and Fairness, these care standards refer equally to our internal customers.