Is it safe?


After a fire has been extinguished it will take many hours for the building to cool down. During this time noises may be heard coming from the area involved.

Due to the expansion and contraction of different areas of the building, parts of it may become dislodged and fall.

Do not enter unless you have to and then make sure you protect yourself with a hard hat, heavy clothing and stout footwear.

Often walls must be breached to ensure that no 'hidden' fires still burn. After the fire, damage may appear excessive but we must ensure that there is no further risk from fire.


It is likely that the Fire and Rescue Service will have isolated gas, electric and water supplies.

Do not attempt to reconnect these until checked by a competent gas engineer, electrician or plumber.

Failure to do so may result in a fire or flood.

The contents of the 'Getting back to normal' booklet are of an advisory nature and are offered in good faith, however, if you would like any specific advice please contact the Community Fire Safety team.